Moonbeam Exchange — powered by Ratio Innovation Management — brings data science to technology scouting.


Innovation is essential for a company to remain relevant. In an increasingly technology driven economy, access to emerging capabilities is essential. But technology scouting is hard! It requires data, a network, and an understanding of technology and of economic sectors.

The Moonbeam Exchange, powered by Ratio Innovation Management, brings data science to innovation and technology scouting!

  • We help innovators:

    • Find markets for their technology;

    • Integrate with other innovators to build solutions;

    • Identify adoption and channel partners.

    We help incumbents:

    • Source capabilities to enhance existing product lines;

    • Analyse competition on prospective investments;

    • Disrupt their sector before getting disrupted.

      “You’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone.”

    — Bob Dylan

Powered by Ratio Innovation Management